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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PS3PS3 (OFW/CFW/HFW) Firmware V4.90 EVILNAT - COBRA 8.403Guns711 year, 2 months5.44 GBNZB
PSPs4 jailbreak 9.006Actionstoney211 year, 6 months2.77 MBNZB
PSThe Last Guardian V1.00 + Patch V1.03 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA03745)4ActionGuns711 year, 8 months14.37 GBNZB
PS3PS3 (OFW/CFW/HFW) Firmware V4.89 EVILNAT - COBRA 8.302Guns712 years, 3 weeks1.9 GBNZB
PS3Grand Theft Auto V0ShooterVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months17.04 GBNZB
PS3BLES02133-[Ride]1RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months6.23 GBNZB
PS3Operation Flashpoint Red River BLES011710ShooterVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months7.94 GBNZB
PS3Nascar 15 [BLUS31560]1RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months1.74 GBNZB
PS3BLUS-30604 Nascar 20110RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months2.21 GBNZB
PS3BLES-01066 Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed EUR1RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months6.12 GBNZB
PS3BLES01051[William Pinball]2ActionVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months1.34 GBNZB
PS3BLES01798-[Truck Racer]1RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months1.19 GBNZB
PS3BLES01909-[Wolfenstein The New Order EU]3ShooterVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months16.37 GBNZB
PS31Call of Duty: Black Ops5ShooterVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months15.07 GBNZB
PS3Max Payne 34ActionVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months13.85 GBNZB
PS3BLES00891-[DRIVER San Francisco]5RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months8.76 GBNZB
PS3BLES00884 Test Drive Unlimited 2 PAL11RaceVeldwachterradio2 years, 2 months7.7 GBNZB
PSZombi V1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA03535)5ActionGuns712 years, 3 months22.01 GBNZB
PSDishonored 2 V1.01 + Patch V1.06 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA03603)1ActionGuns712 years, 3 months53.88 GBNZB
PSDishonored: The Definitive Edition V1.00 + Patch V1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA02230)1ShooterGuns712 years, 3 months19.37 GBNZB
PSUncharted 4: A Thief's End V1.00 + Patch V1.33 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA00917)2ActionGuns712 years, 3 months50.17 GBNZB
PSWolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition V1.00 + Patch V1.08 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA13094)5ActionGuns712 years, 3 months45.25 GBNZB
PSDe Smurfen: Mission Vileaf V1.01 + Patch V1.03 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA26670)6ActionGuns712 years, 3 months1.64 GBNZB
PSThe Sims 4 V1.00 + Patch V1.50 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA09216)3SimulationGuns712 years, 4 months21.21 GBNZB
PSFar Cry: New Dawn V1.00 + Patch V1.06 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA13885)6ActionGuns712 years, 4 months23.85 GBNZB
PSSpongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom V1.02 + Patch V1.04 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (14909)2AdventureGuns712 years, 4 months16.29 GBNZB
PSMortal Kombat 11 Ultimate V1.00 + Patch V1.28 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (11379)3ActionGuns712 years, 4 months70.21 GBNZB
PSResident Evil: Village V1.01 + Patch V1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (18008)2ActionGuns712 years, 4 months29.56 GBNZB
PSWolfenstein II The New Colossus V1.00 + Patch V1.07 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA07377)4ActionGuns712 years, 4 months60.36 GBNZB
PSWolfenstein: The New Order V1.01 + Patch V1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA00320)4ActionGuns712 years, 4 months50.75 GBNZB
PSGod Of War V1.00 + Patch V1.35 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA07410)4AdventureGuns712 years, 4 months47.95 GBNZB
PSRed Dead Redemption 2 V1.00 + Patch V1.29 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA08519)3ActionGuns712 years, 4 months108.79 GBNZB
PSFar Cry 3 Classic Edition V1.00 + Patch V1.02 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA10326)4ActionGuns712 years, 4 months8.05 GBNZB
PSFar Cry 4 V1.00 + Patch V1.07 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA00462)1ActionGuns712 years, 4 months27.7 GBNZB
PS1Far Cry 5 V1.00 + Patch V1.16 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA05847)2ActionGuns712 years, 4 months47.06 GBNZB
PS1Call Of Duty: WWI V1.00 + Patch V1.25 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA08630)4ShooterGuns712 years, 4 months84.54 GBNZB
PSCrash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled V1.00 + Patch V1.21 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA14876)2RaceGuns712 years, 4 months23.23 GBNZB
PSIce Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure V1.01 + Patch V1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA10694)12ActionGuns712 years, 5 months7.98 GBNZB
PS1Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time! V1.00 + Patch V1.05 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA23470)4ActionGuns712 years, 5 months46.47 GBNZB
PS1Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice V1.00 + Patch V1.05 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA13801)2ActionGuns712 years, 5 months16.99 GBNZB
PS1Just Dance 2017 V1.00 + Patch 1.02 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA04716)1MusicGuns712 years, 5 months21.16 GBNZB
PS1Horizon Zero Dawn™: Complete Edition V1.00 + Patch V1.54 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA10211)3ActionGuns712 years, 5 months49.64 GBNZB
PS1The Last of Us™ Part II V1.00 + Patch V1.09 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA10249)2ActionGuns712 years, 5 months100.5 GBNZB
PS1Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut V1.13 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA13323)9ActionGuns712 years, 5 months49.94 GBNZB
PS1Far Cry 6 - Yara Edition V1.00 + Patch V1.06 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA15778)20ActionGuns712 years, 5 months84.93 GBNZB
PS1F1 2021 V1.01 + Patch V1.14 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA26238)13RaceGuns712 years, 5 months84.67 GBNZB
PS1Fifa 2022 V1.00 + Patch 1.15 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA27106)4SportGuns712 years, 5 months40.59 GBNZB
PSJust Dance 2018 V1.00 + Patch 1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA08367)0MusicGuns712 years, 5 months23.03 GBNZB
PSJust Dance 2019 V1.00 + Patch 1.04 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA12549)0MusicGuns712 years, 5 months23.97 GBNZB
PSJust Dance 2020 V1.00 + Patch 1.03 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA15669)0MusicGuns712 years, 5 months22.73 GBNZB
PSJust Dance 2021 V1.00 + Patch 1.01 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA23976)0MusicGuns712 years, 5 months22.73 GBNZB
PSJust Dance 2022 V1.00 (FAKEPKG) PS4 (CUSA27801)10MusicGuns712 years, 5 months21.06 GBNZB