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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFJohn Pike - The Thirty Years War, 1618 - 1648- The First Global War and the end of Habsburg Supremacy (True EPUB)9HistorySapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days133.28 MBNZB
ePubWarren, Eric - Infinity's End series0FantasySapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days14.65 MBNZB
ePubWeis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy - Death Gate Cycle series4FantasySapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days3.95 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften9MagazineSapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days1.69 GBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Tijdschriften10MagazineSapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days724.47 MBNZB
PDFNew eBook Pack 62 of 20239SapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days451.4 MBNZB
FLACEric Bibb - Good Stuff 1997 24-886BluesSapperDeFlap1 week, 4 days1.33 GBNZB
ePubBild am Sonntag vom 28 Mai 20232SapperDeFlap1 week, 5 days48.22 MBNZB
ePub1New eBook Pack 59 of 202313SapperDeFlap1 week, 5 days741.17 MBNZB
FLAC1Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 1996-2018 (by Art&Music)11SapperDeFlap1 week, 5 days6.08 GBNZB
FLACDvorak Complete Published Orchestral Works 17cd5ClassicalSapperDeFlap1 week, 5 days5.14 GBNZB
FLACDvorak Masterworks 40cd8ClassicalSapperDeFlap1 week, 5 days11.28 GBNZB
ePubJulia Quinn & Shonda Rhimes - Queen Charlotte (azw3 epub mobi) ENG11SapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days1.05 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften9MagazineSapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days2.55 GBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Kranten 27-053NewspaperSapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days333.3 MBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Tijdschriften10MagazineSapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days472.93 MBNZB
FLACBalbastre - Quatre sonates pour clavecin, 2 violons, 2 cors & basse - Le Concerto Rococo4ClassicalSapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days643.84 MBNZB
FLACEns. Ratas del Viejo Mundo - Music at the Farnese Court in Renaissance Parma5ClassicalSapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days598.17 MBNZB
ePubDK Publishing - The Herb Book- The Stories, Science, and History of Herbs (epub)6SapperDeFlap1 week, 6 days293.43 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften14SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours2.64 GBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Kranten 26-053NewspaperSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours278.32 MBNZB
FLACArt Pepper - Winter Moon5JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours377 MBNZB
FLACGeorge Coleman - Live at Smalls 24-485JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours944.46 MBNZB
ePubJames May - Oh Cook!- 60 Easy Recipes That Any Idiot Can Make (epub)14CookingSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours120.49 MBNZB
FLACVargas Blues Band - 5 Albums NZBonly9BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours423 KBNZB
FLACKeith Jarrett & Charlie Haden Jasmine 20105JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 hours273.84 MBNZB
FLACTina Turner - 16 Albums19SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours11 GBNZB
FLACIke Tina Turner - The Bolic Sound Sessions 202119SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours879.12 MBNZB
FLACTina Turner - Private Dancer (30th Aniv.)12SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours896.44 MBNZB
FLACTurner , Ike & Tina - Nutbush City Limits (1973) & Feel Good (1972)8SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours565.73 MBNZB
FLACBob Dylan - 14 Hidden Gems From The Bootleg Series 1963-19974SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours417.13 MBNZB
FLACTina Turner - Simply The Best18SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 20 hours528.61 MBNZB
ePubNew eBooks Pack 58-1, 58-2, 58-3 of 2023 - NZBonly8SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day448 KBNZB
ePubMark Brazil - Japan- The Natural History of an Asian Archipelago (epub) !Retentie!3SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day976.37 MBNZB
PDFBildzeitung vom 25. Mai 2023.pdf8NewspaperSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day13.11 MBNZB
FLACAllman Brothers Band 1971 Fillmore East Recordings 24-969SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day8.39 GBNZB
WAVNow Dance - The 80's (4Cd)(2023)[Wav]6DanceSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day2.58 GBNZB
FLACHerpost - Lyle Lovett - Pontiac6CountrySapperDeFlap2 weeks, 1 day197.77 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften11MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days2.9 GBNZB
FLACBilly Hart Quartet - One Is The Other (ECM 2335) (2014)4JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days264.73 MBNZB
FLACChiara Pancaldi - What Is There To Say (2017)2JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days254.14 MBNZB
FLACJacob Young Trio - Eventually (ECM 2764) (2023)5JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days193.31 MBNZB
FLACTaj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues [1968]6BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days340.16 MBNZB
FLACTaj Mahal - Dancing The Blues [1993]4BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days374.48 MBNZB
FLACJoe Liggins - 5 Albums NZBonly1BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days406 KBNZB
ePubCal Thomas - America's Expiration Date- The Fall of Empires and Superpowers . . . and the Future of the United States3SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days487 KBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Kranten 24-051NewspaperSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days371.65 MBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige Tijdschriften16MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 2 days682.62 MBNZB
ePubPaar Romantiek Boekjes T-V-W37RomanceSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 3 days539.41 MBNZB
PDFMiba en Lok Magazin (duits)16MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 3 days40.64 MBNZB
PDF8 Duitstalige Kranten 23-051NewspaperSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 3 days205.61 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften16SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 3 days2.45 GBNZB
FLACBobo Stenson - 5 Albums (1 mp3)5JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days1.85 GBNZB
FLAC11 Blues Albums - NZBonly9BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days469 KBNZB
PDFPaint and Draw - laatst geposte ex17MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days731.59 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige TIjdschriften13MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days2.38 GBNZB
FLACRon Carter Nonet - Eight Plus 19901JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days379.03 MBNZB
FLACRon Carter - Etudes 19821JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days256.24 MBNZB
FLACAntonio Carlos Jobim - Pure Bossa Nova 20055SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days326.44 MBNZB
FLACRon Carter - Meets Bach 19921ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days201.22 MBNZB
FLACLyle Lovett - 7 Country Albums NZBonly6CountrySapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days398 KBNZB
FLACVA - Modern Instrumental Jazz6JazzSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days696.66 MBNZB
FLACClassical Music Of Azerbaijan 6cd7ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days1.48 GBNZB
x264HDNDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester Mahler Symp 2 - 3 September 20226MusicSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days2.92 GBNZB
FLACVarious Artists - Classic FM Hall of Fame Gold5ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 4 days866.5 MBNZB
ePub10 Franstalige epubs6SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days9.55 MBNZB
ePubLucinda Riley - 21 Franstalige epubs13SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days39.93 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige Tijdschriften15MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days1.36 GBNZB
PDFBild und Welt am Sonntag 21 Mai3SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days94.72 MBNZB
PDF6 Duitstalige Tijdschriften10MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days225.9 MBNZB
FLACPierre Monteux Complete Decca Recordings 24cd8ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days8.1 GBNZB
FLACBob Dylan - 295 Albums Flac - NZBOnly niet getest4SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days24.41 MBNZB
FLACNew Order - Power Corruption and Lies [1983]8SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days315.29 MBNZB
FLACThe Cure - Disintegration (Deluxe Edition) [1989] cd1-3 NZBonly5SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days411 KBNZB
FLACJames Taylor - Warner Bros. Albums 1970-1976 6cd5SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days1.8 GBNZB
FLACTommy Bolin and Friends - Great Gypsy Soul1SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days734.39 MBNZB
FLACTommy Bolin with Alphonse Mouzon - Glen Holly Studios - SdF1SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days547.52 MBNZB
FLACTommy Bolin - 1976 05 22 My Father's Place NY1SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days512.96 MBNZB
FLACTommy Bolin - Whirlwind 2013 SdF3SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days660.53 MBNZB
FLACTommy Bolin Zephyr - 2014 - 3CD Box Set Cleopatra Records1SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 5 days1.04 GBNZB
ePub160 Franstalige epubs5SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days147.95 MBNZB
PDFDuitstalige Tijdschriften mix25MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days5.31 GBNZB
PDFEngelstalige Tijdschriften mix15MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days4.72 GBNZB
PDFPaar Duitstalige tijdschriften8MagazineSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days634.65 MBNZB
PDF3 Duitstalige kranten 20-051NewspaperSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days34.29 MBNZB
FLACGibbons - Royal Fantasies - Concordia consort of viols7ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days693.43 MBNZB
FLACGorzanis - Lute Dances on Every Fret, 1567 - Michele Carreca1ClassicalSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days550.03 MBNZB
ePubJessica Radloff - The Big Bang Theory- The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series2SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days128.94 MBNZB
FLACThe Corrs - VH1 Presents The Corrs Live In Dublin7SapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days536.57 MBNZB
FLAC6 Blues Albums NZBonly7BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days417 KBNZB
FLACDr. Wu' and Friends 8 Albums + singles (2023) (Texas Blues)5BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days3.33 GBNZB
FLACVA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (U.S. Version [2007]1SoundtracksSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days352.52 MBNZB
FLACWillie Nelson - Teatro - The Complete Sessions11CountrySapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days432.06 MBNZB
FLACSamantha Fish, Jesse Dayton - Death Wish Blues [2023]1BluesSapperDeFlap2 weeks, 6 days281.27 MBNZB
PDF8 Duitstalige Tijdschriften16MagazineSapperDeFlap3 weeks, 5 hours530.84 MBNZB
PDF6 Duitstalige kranten 19-053NewspaperSapperDeFlap3 weeks, 5 hours218.41 MBNZB
FLACSpyro Gyra - Access All Areas (1984)6SapperDeFlap3 weeks, 5 hours518.08 MBNZB
FLACVargas Blues Band - Texas Tango 19956BluesSapperDeFlap3 weeks, 6 hours597.58 MBNZB
FLACA-Ha 2020 Greatest Hits Japanese Single Collection2SapperDeFlap3 weeks, 6 hours812.43 MBNZB
ePubIsabel Allende books6SapperDeFlap3 weeks, 6 hours184.51 MBNZB