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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
FLACVA - D.Trance 106 Incl. D Techno 617TranceYearmixFreak20231 day, 9 hours2.4 GBNZB
MP3Djbangerz-Clubland Bounce Summer 20242DanceYearmixFreak20231 day, 10 hours302.68 MBNZB
FLACDef Leppard - Pyromania (Super Deluxe) (2024)6RockYearmixFreak20231 day, 12 hours1.57 GBNZB
MP3Dune - 30 Years of Dune (DJ Ricö Anniversary Megamix 2024)6HardcoreYearmixFreak20236 days, 14 hours132.37 MBNZB
FLACVA - Club Classics - Hard House, Vol. 1 - Armada Music(2024)7YearmixFreak20231 week, 1 day1.86 GBNZB
MP3DJ Dotwood-Intents Festival 2024 Warm-up Mixtape(2024)3HardcoreYearmixFreak20231 week, 1 day118.39 MBNZB
HD OthARMIN VAN BUUREN LIVE @ ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL MIAMI 2024(Video-Mp3)6MusicYearmixFreak20231 week, 3 days12.03 GBNZB
MP3David Guetta Miami Ultra Music Festival 2024(Video+mp3)6DanceYearmixFreak20233 weeks, 1 day7.35 GBNZB
UHDMadame Web 2024 BluRayDTS-HD MA 7 19AdventureYearmixFreak20233 weeks, 5 days56.07 GBNZB
MP3Sensation 90s Vol. 3 - The Ultimate Party Hits (202410DanceYearmixFreak20234 weeks, 1 day423.49 MBNZB
MP3DjEmdee-Back2the80s 20249DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 5 days151.16 MBNZB
MP3Djbangerz-Clubland Classix Remixed 20242DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 6 days228.37 MBNZB
MP3VA-NOW Yearbook 1974 202424CompilationYearmixFreak20231 month, 1 week807.79 MBNZB
HD OthDj Blacklist-Megamix 80´s Extended Vol.11 Ultra Edition - Non-Stop Party 2024(Video-mp3)6MusicYearmixFreak20231 month, 1 week13.8 GBNZB
HD Oth1Philizz - Holland in de Mix Episode 2 20248MusicYearmixFreak20231 month, 1 week5.36 GBNZB
MP3VA - TechnoBase.FM Vol. 39 (2024)7DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 2 weeks881.65 MBNZB
MP3VA - Bravo Hits Vol. 125 (2024)9DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 2 weeks364.83 MBNZB
MP3The Hits Album The 70s Pop Album The Star Hits Collection17RockYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks1002.26 MBNZB
MP3VA - Best Of EDM Euphoric Mix 20244DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks1.64 GBNZB
MP3VA - The Best Pop Album In The World... Ever!11PopYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks609.12 MBNZB
MP3VA - 25 Years Techno Club Compilation Vinyl Edition Vol 25TranceYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks225.63 MBNZB
MP3Hardstyle Thunders 20244HardcoreYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks330.74 MBNZB
MP3VA - Future Dance Part 1 (2024)7DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks448.52 MBNZB
MP3Va - NOW 12'' 80s 1982 Part 2 202420DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 3 weeks768.48 MBNZB
FLACBeyonce - Cowboy Carter (24bit-44.1kHz) - 202448CountryYearmixFreak20231 month, 4 weeks975.36 MBNZB
MP3HARDWELL LIVE AT ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL MIAMI 2024(mp3+video)8DanceYearmixFreak20231 month, 4 weeks10.69 GBNZB
FLACScooter - Open Your Mind And Your Trousers(2024)8DanceYearmixFreak20232 months, 2 days568.44 MBNZB
MP3DJ Dotwood-Koningsdag 2024 Warm-Up Mixtape 20246HardcoreYearmixFreak20232 months, 4 days128.22 MBNZB
MP3Djbanger-Clubland 20245DanceYearmixFreak20232 months, 1 week1.21 GBNZB
Blu-rayThe Beekeeper 2024 1080p BluRay DDP5 1 x265 10bit13ActionYearmixFreak20232 months, 1 week2.54 GBNZB
MP3Djbangerz-Clubland Smashed 20246ElectroYearmixFreak20232 months, 1 week297.44 MBNZB
MP3Madonna - Live & Sexy (2024)15PopYearmixFreak20232 months, 1 week197.14 MBNZB
MP3Club Sounds Vol. 104 - 202412DanceYearmixFreak20232 months, 1 week383.36 MBNZB
EACD.Trance 105 (incl. D-Techno 60 & UK-Makina)20245TranceYearmixFreak20232 months, 2 weeks965.88 MBNZB
EACKontor-top of the clubs 99 (2024)8DanceYearmixFreak20232 months, 2 weeks625.74 MBNZB
MPGMartin Drenth - Radio 10 Top 4000 mix 2023 Mixed by Martin Drenth (DJEmDee)4MusicYearmixFreak20232 months, 2 weeks1.33 GBNZB
MPGPhilizz - Back To The 80s Episode 4.(2024)13MusicYearmixFreak20232 months, 3 weeks4.79 GBNZB
MP3VA-NOW That's What I Call Jukebox Classics (2024)25RockYearmixFreak20232 months, 3 weeks697.97 MBNZB
Blu-rayIn the Land of Saints and Sinners 2023 1080p BluRay x264 mkv22ActionYearmixFreak20232 months, 4 weeks4.98 GBNZB
WMVHagge - The Hardstyle Video Yearmix 2023 720p.WMV4MusicYearmixFreak20233 months, 1 day4.3 GBNZB
UHDWonka.2023.BDREMUX.2160p5AdventureYearmixFreak20233 months, 2 days65.95 GBNZB
FLACVA - A State Of Trance 2024 - Destination (The Official Album)11TranceYearmixFreak20233 months, 6 days1.98 GBNZB
x264HDThe Beekeeper 2024 FullHD 1080p.H264 Eng AC3 5.1.mkv14ActionYearmixFreak20233 months, 1 week2.68 GBNZB
MP3VA - Techno Club Vol.716TechnoYearmixFreak20233 months, 4 weeks316.54 MBNZB
MP3VA-Dream Dance Vol. 95 - The Annual -202410DanceYearmixFreak20233 months, 4 weeks550.5 MBNZB
Blu-rayFreelance 2023 1080p BluRay REMUX AVC DTS-HD MA 5 16AdventureYearmixFreak20233 months, 4 weeks26.14 GBNZB
MPGVideojaarmix 2023-deel 36MusicYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day33.7 GBNZB
MP3VA - Tomorrowland 2024 Tomorrowland Festival 20248YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day835.4 MBNZB
MP3The Best '80s Soul Album in the World... Ever14YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day637.13 MBNZB
MP3VA - TechnoBase.FM by ZYX Music3YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day609.27 MBNZB
MP3VA- just dance top 1000 (2024)7YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day8.5 GBNZB
MP3VA - 80s and 90s Remixed, Vol. 2 - The Dance Hit Workout5YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day254.93 MBNZB
MP3VA - Polonaise Vol. 20 (2024)12YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 day433.36 MBNZB
UHDKillers Of The Flower Moon 2023 BDREMUX 2160p11AdventureYearmixFreak20234 months, 4 days69.97 GBNZB
MP31Karnaval Festival 2024 Warm-Up Mix - Hardstyle Carnaval(DJ Dotwood)13HardcoreYearmixFreak20234 months, 5 days109.11 MBNZB
UHDThe Marvels (2023) 2160p H265 HDR10 ENG DDP 5.1.Atmos.MKV7YearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week3.63 GBNZB
MP3VA - now that's what i call unforgettable 202416PopYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week809.51 MBNZB
MP3Va - now yearbook 90 (2024)8PopYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week850.57 MBNZB
MP3VA - The Hits Album : The 80s Love Album(2024)8PopYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week619.83 MBNZB
MP3Armin van Buuren - Breathe In (2024)17TranceYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week93.39 MBNZB
x264HDKiss - End of the Road - The Final Concert (New York's Madison Square Garden) 202313MusicYearmixFreak20234 months, 1 week7.66 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 10 (De laaste)12DanceYearmixFreak20234 months, 2 weeks4.87 GBNZB
MPGVideojaarmix 2023-deel 26MusicYearmixFreak20234 months, 3 weeks38.95 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 98DanceYearmixFreak20234 months, 3 weeks9.29 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 86DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 6 hours7.08 GBNZB
MPGJaarmix2023 Video-deel 115MusicYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 days21.53 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 78DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 days4.12 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 65DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 days3.96 GBNZB
MP31Jaarmix 2023 deel 56DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 1 week6.17 GBNZB
FLAC1A State of Trance Year Mix 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)12TranceYearmixFreak20235 months, 1 week1016 MBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 43DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 2 weeks3.52 GBNZB
UHDThe Creator 2023 BDREMUX 2160p HDR8Science FictionYearmixFreak20235 months, 2 weeks50.9 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 35DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 2 weeks2.57 GBNZB
MP3Jaarmix 2023 deel 210PopYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 weeks2.77 GBNZB
MP3VA - Now That’s What I Call Pop Gold 202310PopYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 weeks811.94 MBNZB
MP3VA - Yearmix 2023-118DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 weeks2.65 GBNZB
MP3VA - Megamix Chart Hits 2023 (Compiled and Mixed by Flim Flam)8DanceYearmixFreak20235 months, 3 weeks165.75 MBNZB
MP3HARDWELL LIVE @ ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL MIAMI 2023 (Mp3 Plus Video)10DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 18 hours16.26 GBNZB
MP3VA - Kontor Top Of The Clubs 202310ElectroYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 days714.51 MBNZB
MP3VA - Kontor Tech House8YearmixFreak20236 months, 3 days589.82 MBNZB
MP3VA - Festival Music Tomorrowland, Ultra, Parookaville9DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 days609.07 MBNZB
MP3VA - 90s RAVE & TRANCE CLASSICS 202313TranceYearmixFreak20236 months, 4 days1.6 GBNZB
MP3A State Of Trance Classics 01-14 (The Full Unmixed Versions) 20238TranceYearmixFreak20236 months, 6 days10.08 GBNZB
MP3VA - Majesty of Hardstyle - The Very Best in Hands Up 20232HardcoreYearmixFreak20236 months, 6 days326.37 MBNZB
FLACMilli Vanilli - The Best of Milli Vanilli (35th Anniversary) 202316PopYearmixFreak20236 months, 6 days519.39 MBNZB
MP3VA - The 80s Collection Vol. 01-18 (2023)24PopYearmixFreak20236 months, 1 week2.71 GBNZB
MP3Va - Trance Anthems 2023 (2023)9TranceYearmixFreak20236 months, 1 week715.8 MBNZB
MP3Hardwell - Main Stage - Mysteryland 20234DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 1 week178.94 MBNZB
MP3DJStan- Hardstyle Carnaval 2024 Stampwage Mixtape XQlusive Holland10HardcoreYearmixFreak20236 months, 1 week177.59 MBNZB
MP3VA - Pop Hits 2023 by Kontor9DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 1 week428.84 MBNZB
MP3Va - The Dome Vol. 106 (2023)5DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 2 weeks3.68 GBNZB
MP3VA - NOW That's What I Call 40 Years Vol. 1 - 4 (2023)25PopYearmixFreak20236 months, 2 weeks2.38 GBNZB
UHDThe Nun II 2023 BDRip 2160p5ThrillerYearmixFreak20236 months, 2 weeks15.89 GBNZB
UHDThe Equalizer 3 2023 BDRip 2160p mkv14ActionYearmixFreak20236 months, 2 weeks18.37 GBNZB
UHDHaunted Mansion (2023) UHD BDRemux 2160p.mkv6AdventureYearmixFreak20236 months, 2 weeks57.25 GBNZB
MP3VA - Kontor Top Of The Clubs 2023.0413TranceYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 weeks985.99 MBNZB
MP3VA - Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol.98 202311DanceYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 weeks538.43 MBNZB
MP3New Kids On The Block - The Block Revisited (Deluxe Edition)20234PopYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 weeks267.12 MBNZB
MP3VA-Now That's What I Call Music! 116 (2023)22PopYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 weeks381.43 MBNZB
MP3Tezpa In The Mix-Best Hardstyle Remixes Of Popular Songs 2023 Legends Of Hardstyle Best Hardstyle Mix6HardcoreYearmixFreak20236 months, 3 weeks141.74 MBNZB