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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
x264HD6Where The Tracks End 20238Dramasander15 hours, 9 minutes16.69 GBNZB
x264HD6Big George Foreman (2023)5Dramasander16 hours, 16 minutes19.72 GBNZB
x264HD6Unstoppable (2010)10Actionsander1 day, 14 hours19.45 GBNZB
x264HD7Murder Mystery 2 (2023)11Actionsander1 day, 19 hours16.33 GBNZB
x264HD6Fletch (1985)7Comedysander1 day, 22 hours19.56 GBNZB
x264HD6White Men Cant Jump (2023)9Comedysander2 days, 14 hours18.03 GBNZB
x264HD7Evan Almighty (2007)9Comedysander2 days, 19 hours17.01 GBNZB
x264HD6Polite Society (2023)8Actionsander3 days, 1 hour17.06 GBNZB
x264HD6Repost Rocky III (1982)3Dramasander3 days, 13 hours19.72 GBNZB
x264HD6Rocky III (1982)2Dramasander3 days, 14 hours19.72 GBNZB
x264HD6Legion of super heroes 20237Actionsander3 days, 19 hours14.99 GBNZB
x264HD6Evil Dead Rise 202317Horrorsander4 days, 1 hour19.7 GBNZB
x264HD11Book Club The Next Chapter 202313Comedysander4 days, 16 hours15.88 GBNZB
x264HD11Rocky II 19794Dramasander4 days, 18 hours20.54 GBNZB
x264HD11Hypnotic 202315Actionsander4 days, 21 hours16.79 GBNZB
x264HD11Shes Out of My League 20106Comedysander5 days, 59 minutes19.21 GBNZB
x264HD9The Super Mario Bros. Movie 202310Animationsander5 days, 15 hours19.99 GBNZB
x264HD7Dumb and Dumber 19946Adventuresander5 days, 18 hours20.37 GBNZB
x264HD6Consecration 202211Horrorsander6 days, 2 hours10.53 GBNZB
x264HD6Hereafter 20109Dramasander6 days, 12 hours18.62 GBNZB
x264HD6The Man from Nowhere 20104Actionsander6 days, 16 hours18.67 GBNZB
x264HD6Four Brothers 20058Actionsander1 week, 5 hours19.63 GBNZB
x264HD6Repost The Night of the Hunter 19555Dramasander1 week, 12 hours19.37 GBNZB
x264HD6The Night of the Hunter 19553Dramasander1 week, 13 hours19.37 GBNZB
x264HD6The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 20047Adventuresander1 week, 17 hours19.77 GBNZB
x264HD6The People Under the Stairs 19918Comedysander1 week, 1 day20.61 GBNZB
x264HD6The Bounty Hunter 20105Actionsander1 week, 1 day19.3 GBNZB
x264HD6Two Stage Sisters 19654Dramasander1 week, 1 day20.53 GBNZB
x264HD6Project X 201211Comedysander1 week, 1 day19.35 GBNZB
x264HD6Venom Let There Be Carnage 202111Actionsander1 week, 2 days18.43 GBNZB
x264HD6Death Proof 20077Actionsander1 week, 2 days20.36 GBNZB
x264HD6Venom 20187Actionsander1 week, 2 days18.26 GBNZB
x264HD7Repost Easy A 20107Comedysander1 week, 3 days19.88 GBNZB
x264HD7Easy A 20104Comedysander1 week, 3 days19.88 GBNZB
x264HD7The Great Gatsby 201311Dramasander1 week, 3 days19.23 GBNZB
x264HD6Gangs of New York 20029Crimesander1 week, 3 days18.72 GBNZB
x264HD6Tarzan 19994Adventuresander1 week, 4 days16.31 GBNZB
x264HD8The King's Man 202122Actionsander1 week, 4 days19.83 GBNZB
x264HD7Red Planet 200013Actionsander1 week, 5 days19.14 GBNZB
x264HD7Oslo 202113Dramasander1 week, 5 days19.99 GBNZB
x264HD7Iron Sky 201214Comedysander1 week, 5 days18.17 GBNZB
x264HD7Bad Education 202015Dramasander1 week, 6 days20.04 GBNZB
x264HD7X-Men Origins Wolverine 200910Actionsander1 week, 6 days18.87 GBNZB
x264HD11Love again 202324Comedysander1 week, 6 days17.43 GBNZB
x264HD11Signs 200214Science Fictionsander1 week, 6 days19.72 GBNZB
x264HD11John wick chapter 4 202315Actionsander2 weeks, 2 minutes15.69 GBNZB
x264HD10Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance 201116Actionsander2 weeks, 15 hours18.4 GBNZB
x264HD11Concussion 20159Sportsander2 weeks, 19 hours20.59 GBNZB
x264HD9Repost safe house 201215Actionsander2 weeks, 1 day19.61 GBNZB
x264HD8Safe House 20126Actionsander2 weeks, 1 day19.61 GBNZB
x264HD8Chappie 201513Actionsander2 weeks, 1 day20.51 GBNZB
x264HD8G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra 200911Actionsander2 weeks, 1 day20.09 GBNZB
x264HD8Oblivion 20139Actionsander2 weeks, 1 day17.51 GBNZB
x264HD9Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory 197112Familysander2 weeks, 2 days18.9 GBNZB
x264HD9Ender's Game 201314Adventuresander2 weeks, 2 days18.95 GBNZB
x264HD9Drag Me to Hell 200915Horrorsander2 weeks, 2 days18.36 GBNZB
x264HD9Keeping Up with the Joneses 201611Actionsander2 weeks, 2 days18.27 GBNZB
x264HD9Dear John 201011Dramasander2 weeks, 3 days19.12 GBNZB
x264HD9Brotherhood of the Wolf 200119Horrorsander2 weeks, 3 days17.09 GBNZB
x264HD13Twister 19967Adventuresander2 weeks, 3 days19.36 GBNZB
x264HD11The mother 202320Actionsander2 weeks, 4 days15.4 GBNZB
x264HD11The A-Team 20107Actionsander2 weeks, 4 days18.51 GBNZB
x264HD10Picnic at Hanging Rock 19757Dramasander2 weeks, 4 days20.5 GBNZB
x264HD11Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 201211Actionsander2 weeks, 5 days19.26 GBNZB
x264HD11The shiver of the vampires 197114Horrorsander2 weeks, 5 days20.85 GBNZB
x264HD12John Carter 201214Actionsander2 weeks, 5 days19.18 GBNZB
x264HD11Crater 20239Adventuresander2 weeks, 5 days19.25 GBNZB
x264HD11The Happening 200810Dramasander2 weeks, 6 days19.88 GBNZB
x264HD10Guy ritchies the covenant 202314Actionsander2 weeks, 6 days14.97 GBNZB
x264HD12Sahara 200513Actionsander2 weeks, 6 days19.99 GBNZB
x264HD1080 for Brady8Comedysander3 weeks, 5 hours19.82 GBNZB
x264HD11The devil inside 20129Horrorsander3 weeks, 15 hours15.06 GBNZB
x264HD12Repost What's Love Got to Do with It 20228Comedysander3 weeks, 17 hours14.32 GBNZB
x264HD11What's Love Got to Do with It 20225Comedysander3 weeks, 18 hours14.32 GBNZB
x264HD11Knight and Day 201011Actionsander3 weeks, 1 day19.52 GBNZB
x264HD10Monster House 20067Animationsander3 weeks, 1 day19.16 GBNZB
x264HD11Quasi 20237Comedysander3 weeks, 1 day20.51 GBNZB
x264HD11Green Zone 20107Thrillersander3 weeks, 1 day19.29 GBNZB
x264HD11One Ranger 202328Actionsander3 weeks, 1 day17.12 GBNZB
x264HD11Takers 201011Actionsander3 weeks, 2 days19.01 GBNZB
x264HD11Wildflower 20228Dramasander3 weeks, 2 days13.46 GBNZB
x264HD11Repost Gone 201210Mysterysander3 weeks, 2 days17.17 GBNZB
x264HD11Gone 201213Mysterysander3 weeks, 2 days17.17 GBNZB
x264HD11Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves 202320Adventuresander3 weeks, 3 days18.15 GBNZB
x264HD11The Boondock Saints II All Saints Day 20099Actionsander3 weeks, 3 days19.32 GBNZB
x264HD11The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 20087Actionsander3 weeks, 3 days19.92 GBNZB
x264HD10The Boondock Saints 199914Actionsander3 weeks, 4 days19.8 GBNZB
x264HD11The Scorpion King 20027Actionsander3 weeks, 4 days19.72 GBNZB
x264HD12The.Eagle 201115Adventuresander3 weeks, 4 days17.4 GBNZB
x264HD12Clear and Present Danger 19948Actionsander3 weeks, 4 days20.58 GBNZB
x264HD11The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 20057Comedysander3 weeks, 4 days19.44 GBNZB
x264HD10X-Men Days of Future Past 20147Actionsander3 weeks, 5 days19.79 GBNZB
x264HD11Daybreakers 20099Actionsander3 weeks, 5 days20.74 GBNZB
x264HD10X-Men First Class 20119Actionsander3 weeks, 6 days20.34 GBNZB
x264HD10Jarhead 20055Dramasander3 weeks, 6 days18.67 GBNZB
x264HD12X-Men The Last Stand 20065Actionsander3 weeks, 6 days20.19 GBNZB
x264HD8Coriolanus 20119Dramasander4 weeks, 13 hours19.27 GBNZB
x264HD12The Wizard of Oz 19397Fantasysander4 weeks, 1 day20.8 GBNZB
x264HD8The Four Musketeers 19749Actionsander4 weeks, 1 day20.88 GBNZB
x264HD14This Means War 201210Actionsander4 weeks, 2 days19.81 GBNZB