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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Adobe Substance 3D Sampler v4.4.1.4591 (x64) Pre Multilingual6GraphicsSuperbit3 days, 7 hours1.21 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Adobe InDesign 2024 v19.4.0.63 (x64) Multilingual11GraphicsSuperbit1 week, 6 days1.51 GBNZB
WIN1NCH PhotoPad Professional 13.193GraphicsThePostman1 month, 1 day20.84 MBNZB
WIN3NCH DreamPlan Plus 9.196GraphicsThePostman1 month, 1 day23.75 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Adobe Illustrator 2024 v28.5.0.132 (x64) Pre Multilingual6GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 1 week3.58 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Adobe Animate 2024 (x64) Pre Multilingual8GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 1 week3.12 GBNZB
WIN1Eguasoft Volleyball Scoreboard month, 1 week10.29 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstal Affinity suite en portable8GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 1 week3.41 GBNZB
WIN1Photo Cartoon Pro v6.8.020GraphicsHoodlum1 month, 1 week52.73 MBNZB
WIN1Prima Toon v2.1.218GraphicsHoodlum1 month, 1 week181.16 MBNZB
WIN1DAZ Studio Professional (x64)9GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 1 week830.39 MBNZB
WIN1Cartoon Art Cartoonizer v2.0.318GraphicsHoodlum1 month, 1 week151.62 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall NEAT #4 professional8GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 1 week319.23 MBNZB
WIN2Prima Cartoonizer v5.2.623GraphicsHoodlum1 month, 2 weeks158.99 MBNZB
WIN1Print Artist Platinum Edition v25.0.0.1320GraphicsHoodlum1 month, 2 weeks199.51 MBNZB
WIN1NVidia GeForce Experience v3.28.0.41212AudioHoodlum1 month, 2 weeks168.63 MBNZB
WIN1Voxpro7 1 0 66 setup3Audiodjmrwrong1 month, 2 weeks46.17 MBNZB
WIN1UltiMaker-Cura-5.7.1-win64-X6410GraphicsSuperbit1 month, 2 weeks725.66 MBNZB
WIN2Premium Windows Bundle Apps 19-04-202415GraphicsBuddy1 month, 3 weeks5.68 GBNZB
WIN1Nik Collection 6.10.0 x64 Unattendeds13GraphicsBlackbunny1 month, 3 weeks1.12 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall LightBurn 1.5.06 (x64) Multilingual7GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 1 week220.08 MBNZB
MACTechSmith Camtasia 2023.3.12 macOS4GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week424.54 MBNZB
MACGM EPUB Reader Pro 2.6.3 macOS3GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week24.02 MBNZB
MACEdgeView 4.6.4 macOS3GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week43.27 MBNZB
WIN1Xara Designer Pro+ x64 NL Unattendeds16GraphicsBlackbunny2 months, 1 week361.18 MBNZB
WIN1Xara Designer Pro+ x64 NL Unattendeds8GraphicsBlackbunny2 months, 1 week574.3 MBNZB
WIN1Capture One Pro / Enterprise x64 NL Unattendeds6GraphicsBlackbunny2 months, 1 week1.64 GBNZB
MACTechSmith Snagit 2024.2.3 macOS3GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week287.28 MBNZB
MACAnyRec Screen Recorder 1.0.22 macOS2GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week40.58 MBNZB
MACMediaInfo 24.03 macOS0GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week18.9 MBNZB
MACAffinity Publisher 2.4.1 macOS2GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week901.62 MBNZB
MACAffinity Photo v2.4.1 macOS3GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week1012.85 MBNZB
MACAffinity Designer 2.4.1 macOS2GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week911.45 MBNZB
MACWondershare Repairit 5.5.5 macOS5GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week85.83 MBNZB
MACWondershare PDFelement Pro (OCR) macOS4GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week815.08 MBNZB
MACLive Home 3D Pro 4.9.0 macOS1GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week642.93 MBNZB
MACTopaz Photo AI 2.4.2 macOS6GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week5.7 GBNZB
MACTopaz Gigapixel AI 7.0.5 macOS4GraphicsBuddy2 months, 1 week3.03 GBNZB
WIN1Serif Affinity Suite v2.4.1.2344 (x64) Multilingual Portable8GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 2 weeks1.85 GBNZB
WIN1Adobe Photoshop 2024 Guide for Beginners28GraphicsHoodlum2 months, 2 weeks1.23 MBNZB
WIN1Autodesk Netfabb Ultimate 2025 (x64) Multilanguage11GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 2 weeks3.78 GBNZB
WINAutodesk Mudbox 2025 (x64) Multilanguage5GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 2 weeks1.7 GBNZB
WIN1Autodesk AutoCAD 2025 (x64)28GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 2 weeks2.81 GBNZB
WIN2EarthView v7.9.3 Portable39GraphicsSuperbit2 months, 2 weeks193.23 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024 v25.0.0.230 (x64) Multilingual22GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 3 days1.43 GBNZB
WIN1Olympia Logo Creation Multilingual15GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 5 days864.06 MBNZB
WIN1CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2022 15 september 202316GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 5 days2.38 GBNZB
WINPanoramaStudio Pro portable16GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 2 weeks32.02 MBNZB
WIN1Maximum PC March/Maart 202413AudioHoodlum3 months, 2 weeks70.95 MBNZB
WINAdobe Master Collection 2024 ENG v4 Unattendeds28GraphicsBlackbunny3 months, 2 weeks35.53 GBNZB
WINPanorama Studio Pro v4.0.0.401 x6413GraphicsHoodlum3 months, 2 weeks51.64 MBNZB
WIN1AI FaceSwap 2.0.034GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 2 weeks4.4 GBNZB
WIN4Adobe Premiere Elements 2024.1 (x64)26VideoSuperbit3 months, 2 weeks2.31 GBNZB
Android2Android - Week 08 2024 - APP MISC Part 2-215Graphicsaudulf3 months, 2 weeks10.27 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fulinstall Agisoft Metashape Professional 2.1.1 Build 17674 (x64)4GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 3 weeks186.87 MBNZB
WIN1StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v23.00.001 (x64)8GraphicsSuperbit3 months, 4 weeks1.02 GBNZB
WINUltra Fractal 6.06 Extended Edition9GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 2 days14.83 MBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Adobe Character Animator 2024 v24.2.0.802GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 3 days1.59 GBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall ProfiCAD 12.4.214GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 5 days12.5 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Adobe Illustrator 2024 v28.2.0.532 (x64) Pre Multilingual11GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 1 week3.33 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Room Arranger (x64) Multilingual15GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 2 weeks24.92 MBNZB
AndroidAndroid - Week 04 2024 - APP MISC21Graphicsaudulf4 months, 2 weeks11.91 GBNZB
WIN2Adobe Photoshop 2024 v25.4.0.319 x64 Multi48GraphicsHoodlum4 months, 2 weeks4.74 GBNZB
WIN1Cliparts - kaders41GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 2 weeks3.41 GBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.8.5418GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 3 weeks273.47 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD 27 Build 4060 (x64)12GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 3 weeks5.08 GBNZB
WIN3Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Elements 202417VideoHoodlum4 months, 3 weeks19.59 MBNZB
WIN3Adobe Photoshop for Beginners - 17th Edition 202429GraphicsHoodlum4 months, 3 weeks106.14 MBNZB
WIN3Cliparts - kleding29GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks1.93 GBNZB
WIN1Cliparts - letters33GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks3.49 GBNZB
WINUpdate en full install Mindjet MindManager 2023 v23.1.240 Multilingual11GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 3 weeks430.59 MBNZB
WINCliparts - verlichting24GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks410.82 MBNZB
WINLogo Design Studio Pro - Vector Edition v2.0.3.130GraphicsHoodlum4 months, 3 weeks1.09 GBNZB
WINCliparts - verkeersborden22GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks199.29 MBNZB
WINCliparts - verpakkingen15GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks1.59 GBNZB
WINCliparts - vlekken25GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks118.15 MBNZB
WINCliparts - vleugels15GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks212.75 MBNZB
WINCliparts - watermerk17GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks153.47 MBNZB
WINCliparts - zwart10GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks165.62 MBNZB
WINCliparts - cartoon29GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks3.42 GBNZB
WINCliparts - Anatomie33GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks177.92 MBNZB
WINOverlays voor photoshop28GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks2.23 GBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Icecream Ebook Reader Pro 6.45 Multilingual33GraphicsSuperbit4 months, 3 weeks36.06 MBNZB
WIN8bf bestanden voor photoshop14GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks7.72 MBNZB
WIN1Abr brushes photoshop15GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 3 weeks3.12 GBNZB
WIN205 asl bestanden voor photoshop16GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 4 weeks1.52 GBNZB
WINATN bestanden voor Photoshop18GraphicsDuimelotje4 months, 4 weeks3.22 MBNZB
WINUpdate en full install CrystalMaker (x64)2GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 3 days103.5 MBNZB
WINRepost Axialis IconWorkshop Professional Edition months, 4 days51.56 MBNZB
WINPhoto Scissors v9.2.2. x64 (2024)46GraphicsHoodlum5 months, 4 days211.86 MBNZB
WINUpdate en full install Affinity Designer (x64) Multilingual8GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 5 days578.75 MBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Affinity Publisher (x64) Multilingual7GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 5 days568.05 MBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Affinity Photo (x64) Multilingual20GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 5 days671.84 MBNZB
WINFormZ Pro (x64) Multilingual12GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 1 week818.19 MBNZB
WINK-Lite Codec Pack 18.0.0 Mega Full Standard Basic10Graphicscostabrava5 months, 1 week168 MBNZB
WINUpdate en fiul install CADlogic Draft IT 5.0.21 (x64)7GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 1 week182.81 MBNZB
WINUpdate en fullinstall Mindjet MindManager 2023 v23.0.154 (x64) Multilingual8GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 2 weeks466.24 MBNZB
WINWheeler Dealers Wallpapers S01-S1813GraphicsEggbert5 months, 2 weeks93.01 MBNZB
WINAiseesoft PDF to Excel Converter 3.3.50 Multilingual19GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 2 weeks128.73 MBNZB
WIN1Update en fullinstall CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 2024 v15.0.1225.0 Multilingual20GraphicsSuperbit5 months, 2 weeks314.26 MBNZB